We provide care for both governmental funded children and children whose fees are paid for by parents/carers. We accept childcare vouchers.

2-year-old funding

Governmental funding for 2-year-olds is subject to certain criteria being met, please see link below.

3-year-old funding

Funding for all 3-year-olds is provided by the government. Children become eligible for this at the start of the first term after they turn 3. Each child is entitled to 15 funded hours each week. Each session is three hours long.

30 hours of free childcare are available if both parents are working, or the sole parent must be working in a lone-parent family. They must earn the minimum of the equivalent of 16 hours per week at the national living or minimum wage and less than £100,000. If you are self-employed or on a zero hours contract you are still eligible as long as you meet the earnings threshold.


The hourly rate for non-funded children is £4.40 per hour.
The sessional fee (morning or afternoon) for non-funded children is £13.20 per session.
The full day (6.5 hours) fee for non-funded children is £28.60.

The additional half an hour to cover lunch is £2.65.