Our staff in the Nursery pride themselves on offering a safe and nurturing environment where children feel confident to explore and reach their full potential whilst having fun.

Activities offered combine weekly topics, children’s interests and in the moment planning to ensure the children have meaningful play experiences.

Access to both the indoor and outdoor environment and nutritious snacks promote good physical health and well-being.

A child’s early years are critical. Our key person system promotes strong relationships with children and their parents/carers; working together gives children the best possible start to their education with parents knowing their child best. Partnership working throughout the child’s time at the Nursery promotes positive relationships making every child feel loved and valued.

Staff get to know their key children well, identifying children’s strengths and interests as well as their areas for development; they use their knowledge and experience to support every child to develop in the 7 areas of the EYFS with emphasis on the 3-prime areas. This prepares the children to transition on to reception school ready.